With a consolidated experience in the international optics market, Qualimed srl has been offering since 2011 a wide range of certified and safe color contact lenses through its brand, Desìo. This brand combines the expertise of a company in the optical-medical sector with a passion for beauty, charm, and elegance.

Desìo lenses carry the CE mark and are FDA approved. They also comply with ISO standards and international medical quality standards. The lens design is patented, and the brand is registered in over 100 countries around the world. You can find more information on our certifications by following the dedicated link.

Our company is renowned for the reliability and quality we offer, recognized by both our customers and professionals in the field. We are constantly committed to improving quality standards, thanks to the use of cutting-edge solutions and products.

The Desìo color lenses stand out for their unique design, capable of naturally transforming the color of even the darkest eyes. We offer an unprecedented combination of aesthetic appeal and vision correction on the market, including both non-prescription options and lenses for myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

The technical team at Qualimed srl demonstrates extraordinary attention to detail, highlighted by the remarkable definition of the iris designs and the creation of a wide range of colors, ranging from warm and sensual caramel to shades of glacial blue.

We are proud to present our extensive selection of high-quality contact lenses, designed to meet the needs of all our customers. We offer four main lines of contact lenses with different replacement cycles: quarterly, monthly, and daily.

New Sensual Beauty Lenses: This line is composed of eight sensual, natural, and bright shades, designed to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.

Two Shades of Grey: If you love the elegance of grey, we offer two charming shades of grey to ensure a sophisticated look.

Coffee Collection: If you prefer warm and exotic colors, our Coffee Collection offers four variants that will make you stand out uniquely.

Attitude 2 Tones: This line features contact lenses in four new charming shades available in both daily and quarterly versions.

Attitude 1 Tone: If you are looking for a solution with a monthly replacement cycle, the Attitude 1 Tone line offers four captivating colors to choose from.

Attitude 3 Tones: The Attitude 3 Tones line consists of four beautiful colors with quarterly daily replacement. With the Attitude 3 Tones lenses, you have four colors to represent your individuality.


Don’t forget to also explore our limited collections, which offer unique and trendy options to keep your style fresh and fashionable.

Choose your favorite line and discover the world of possibilities our contact lenses can offer to enhance your natural beauty. We guarantee the highest quality and comfort for an extraordinary visual experience.

All Desìo lines are packaged in exclusive and elegant packaging, emphasizing their aesthetic qualities without compromising the rigorous attention we devote to their status as medical devices.



The new facility allows for the optimal integration of production processes with Industry 4.0 technologies.

From the execution to the monitoring of the progress of production phases, to the tracking of each product, up to data collection and real-time performance monitoring.